Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No Yearn to Learn Flying

Another sign of the changes taking place in the United States. According to a Washington Post article, youngsters aren't interested in flying as much as the boomer generation was: "Like many others here, Gilbert is worried that he might one day witness the death of such shows. Most of the others around him are his age. Fewer young people are discovering the romance of flying. Whether it's the high cost or the substantial training time, the number of student pilots has fallen by more than half in 25 years."

I would make a guess that, as flying in a airplane has become as common as riding a bus, the romance isn't there anymore. Why worry about leanring how to fly when, for a reasonable sum, you can pay someone to fly you in a better and more comfortable airplane than you could afford as a private owner?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Nighty Night, Night

Will the "Lady in the Water" be a "Splash" for M. Night Shyamalan? Or, will "Lady in the Water" tank faster than "Poseidon 2006"?

An insider's look at how M. Night Shyamalan risked his career on a fairy tale gives us "...a portrait of the artist sealed off from the lives of ordinary mortals in a bubble of wealth, privilege, idiosyncrasy, sycophancy and grandiosity."