Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hi-Def DVD Will Flop

A fellow smarter than me, has ten reasons that high-definition DVDs will flop, and I agree with him HD DVD will fail.

But, the reason I think HD DVDs will fail is less logical than 'Audioholics Online Magainze's' opinion. For me, the results just don't look all that better. If I spring the money for the more expensive HD TV, HD DVD player, and HD DVD, I had better see something that knocks my shocks off. A picture that just kind of looks better, which describes my impression of all high definition products up to this time, isn't going to make it.

Personally I'm skipping HD and saving my money for when they come out with the holo-deck like in Star Trek.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Betrayed by Tofu

From our "Everything You Know Is Wrong" Department comes news that soy may not be all that great a life saver. Of course, you could still just enjoy it for iteself, but I guess that be too simple.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

House of Wax

My thoughts now turn to summer travel as we head into June. While researching vacation options I came across the sad news that another classic tourist spot in California has closed.

Yes, I'm sad to report that the Movieland Wax Museum is closed. The Movieland Wax Museum was always a great site to visit while at Disneyland, California. It had a large display and an unusually well done wax figures of the stars featured in scenes from their movies. In addition, to the figures the scenes often featured props used in making the movie depicted.

I can't remember the star, but I do remember a classic Dusenberg that was a part of the display. I'll miss seeing that Dusenberg next time I'm in SoCal.