Friday, May 25, 2007

Cold Omen

My lonely (and thankless) campaign to warn the world of the coming ice age continues with another stark (and contrary to global warming) proof: Snow on Pikes Peak on Memorial Day weekend!

Our only hope is to continue to spew as much CO2 as possible into the atmosphere. Only the green house can save us from the next ice age.

Recent global encoldening:

New York: Chilly Day Ties Record For Coldest

BRITAIN looks set to be hit by Bank Holiday SNOW today.

Heavy rain is forecast for almost everywhere, but areas as far apart as northern Scotland and East Anglia could turn white.

Homes were left without power, downed trees damaged dozens of cars and school was cancelled for thousands of kids as a blast of record snow slammed many parts of southern Alberta yesterday.

It`s May 26th, Memorial Day weekend. Normally, there`d be kids playing on this playground right about now, but instead it`s windy, cold, and there`s snow on the ground.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Saints for True Sinners

Let us say you're a godless drug dealer...Well, actually, chances are you aren't godless and you've got a couple of patron saints to help you in the drug trade.

You would probably have one or two of the following
in your wallet or a figurine on your dash board:

Jesus Malverde is very popular
and hales from Mexico where he is known as a sort of Robin Hood like folk figure.

In addition, if your gang is from central america, you might also pay your respects to Maximon, the Guatemalan patron saint of the underworld, or Santa Muerte - "Saint Death."

Maximon (aka San Simon) in folklore a Spanish catholic priest who helped locals

Santa Muerte (aka Santa Muerte, La Santísima Muerte, and as Doña Sebastiana )
Probably a blend of Aztec religion and European folk lore.

None of the above
three are official saints in any church.

So, in addition to blue or red colors and gang signigs, you can also add the
mustachioed one or the skeleton as indicators of people you should avoid.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Eye Candy for North Korea Military

Now here's an interesting idea. In North Korea, you inherit the medals and awards your family (Dad, mom, grandfather, grandmother) has earned during prior service. This results in the sight of young soldiers with no time in combat displaying a chest full of medals that would make a south american dictator jealous.

And, it's not just for the guys, these lucky female soldiers are blessed with a great collection of medals too.

Images and full story at Daily NK website